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This placement generates a good understanding between married couples. If single, lady love may knock. Mercury in Virgo suggests that your love life provides relief to you at this time. On the 6th, Mercury moves into Libra which can bring up certain obstacles in your personal life.

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This could be the catalyst that generates real change. You despite the indifference and anyone who displays this to you will feel your displeasure. On the 26th, Mercury moves into Scorpio and you may worry about the future. Be calm, considered and trusting in your approach. Take just one step at a time. Another stepping stone is sure to follow. The key here is not worried and if you do worry, to find outlets that mitigate how you feel.

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Venus in Libra suggests desirable results — work pays off. The best astrologers in India can give your journey a direction, consult them on Astroyogi! Sagittarius weekly horoscope - 7 Oct , Monday - 13 Oct , Sunday. Intense, brooding, and emotional Scorpio is a difficult sign for Venus to be in, as issues concerning jealousy, possessiveness, and revenge come to the fore. Well, while Venus is in secretive Scorpio, you'll likely want to keep all these things hush hush and behind the scenes.

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A secret affair may even be on the menu! Or you might simply be in a private mood.

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For any lovers reading this horoscope with their Sagittarian crush in mind, it should be noted that under the influence of possessive Venus in Scorpio, your Sagittarius's big mouth will not allow them to keep any kind of affair truly secret—and that's if you've even managed to find a Sag who'd get off their moral high horse long enough to have one! The new moon in your sign, Sagittarius, arrives on December 7! New moons are wonderful because they represent a clean slate, but they can be anxiety-inducing because everything is so new it can feel intimidating! Also on December 7, Mars and Neptune meet in Pisces.

Mars is the planet of action, but when it meets with Neptune, the action is less decisive and more like a suggestion because Neptune is the planet of fog, illusion, and delusion. Warrior planet Mars is in Pisces, which is a sign that's already got a much more "peace and love" vibe than Mars is used to, so throwing Neptune in the mix as well makes things feel even more whimsical, magical, sleepy, creative, dreamy… I could go on!

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Mars typically marches into a room making demands. Some early childhood memories will come up for you on December 7, and you'll wonder whether you dreamed them.

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A flurry of easy, helpful connections take place mid-month as all the planets make harmonious connections with each other: Venus and Saturn come together to help you out with issues concerning cash and self-worth on December 16, and Mars and Pluto convene to help you create more security on December The sun and Uranus mingle on December 17, as well, bringing unexpectedly fun and flirty energy. And Venus and Neptune connect on December 21, creating a beautifully healing energy.

Also on December 21, Mercury meets with Jupiter in your sign, inspiring you to be the biggest know-it-all ever—but hey, that's why we love you!

Mercury retrograde taught you big lessons about not putting your foot in your mouth—so try to remember those! This can be a very exciting day for communication and self-expression, as long as you think before you speak. December 21 marks the winter solstice on the northern hemisphere, when days are at their shortest.