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All you have to do is choose your birthday month and select the day you were born. What are you waiting for? Your personalized zodiac horoscope is just a click away! Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. Try The Karma Quiz Now!! Try The Quiz Now!! Test Now! Birthday Horoscope And Zodiac Dates for — Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Do You Have Good Karma? According to its analysis, you are brave and pragmatic. At the same time, you do not shy from exposing your true emotions.

You are a master at maintaining relationships. In fact, most of your relationships are long-lasting. This is because by nature you are peaceable.

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You mend fences fast before things get out of control. Your horoscope profile shows that your astrological symbol is the Sea Goat.

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This is common for people whose birthdays fall between December 22 and January You have a strong influence from the Sagittarius-Capricorn Cusp. The analysis shows that this influence has contributed to the great fortune that you enjoy in life. You are able to reach into your inner self and make the most appropriate decisions based on your circumstances.

You have a mystical character that is unique to those under the Sagittarius-Capricorn Cusp. You need to nurture all your strong qualities so that you can reap the maximum benefit of being on this cusp. Your astrological chart shows that you are both romantic and dependable. Since you are very good at maintaining relationships, you look for partners who share this trait. You like creative and enthusiastic lovers.

Gemini 12222 horoscope:

Reliability is a trait that you look for. This mirrors your own personality. It is easy for you to fall in love with a fellow Capricorn. You can also settle very well with either a Virgo or a Taurus. You love leading a quiet love life, devoid of any drama. You are devoted and committed as a lover. However, you are never in a hurry to get into a love relationship.

You like taking your time as you evaluate your potential partners. You depend heavily on your sixth sense to make the right choice of a partner.

You are not compatible with Sagittarius. Avoid being entangled in a relationship with them if you can.

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The planetary alignment shows that you are a born leader. Just like other Capricorns, you love visiting new places. Also, you appreciate the recognition. You can improve your life greatly if you made meditation a part of your regular practice. You can choose an appropriate spiritual practice like yoga to help you in this endeavor. The charts indicate that you are perseverant, steadfast, accommodating and levelheaded. Being a Capricorn, you are honest.

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You like helping people, especially when they recognize your abilities. Do you enjoy the learning process? Well, this is part of who you are. Your ability to acquire knowledge means that you are a person of many skills. However, you need watch out for some of your negative traits.

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For example, you tend to be authoritarian and too cautious. You do not open up easily, and you are afraid of taking risks. This can deter your personal growth. Learn to grasp opportunities as soon as they occur. Learn to trust people — especially after they prove that they can be trusted. The January 7 horoscope shows that people born on this day are good communicators. They are creative in conflict resolution.

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As such, they tend to have long-standing relationships. Being a Capricorn, you think in a rational manner. However, you need to lower your expectation of people. They will not always behave in the manner you want.