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Historical Events Which were the important events of 26 November ? Famous Birthdays: Sibylle Lacan : French translator and author, and the Enrico Bombieri : Italian mathematician and academic. Kotozakura Masakatsu : Japanese sumo wrestler, the 53rd Quentin Skinner : English historian author and academic.

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See other famous people born on 26 November. Birth chart on this day. Discover the planets positions on November 26, as well as what the sky looked like at your place See birth chart for 26 November Subscribe to our Newsletter. Magazine Covers What news were making the headlines those days in November ?

Make this date unforgettable. Have a look at our special collection of personalized gifts. The above however is only a simple starting point. Numerology is a complicated mystical system that fascinated the ancients, the Cabalists and became an obsession for many famous people including Isaac Newton. To understand more you need to consult a professional numerologist — some work with us in the readers section of this website.

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A professional numerologist will spend time interpreting the deeper significance of your numbers such as your name number and what it means. The name number will have many layers of meaning and for a woman will change when she marries - though the initial birth name remains of great significance.

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Numerology can also be used to make predictions too. The numerologist will take into account the birth and name numbers but also compare these to the significant planetary numbers at the time of your birth. The tarot cards are also integrated into numerology and here numbers play an important part in making an accurate prediction for the future.

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Numerology: Secrets of your Birthday – 8th, 17th, 26th: Number 8 Life Path

You like to be complemented. You possess the strength and courage to succeed over any difficulty. You do not express your feelings much.

It's hard for you to give up the past. You are generous and willing to help in a crisis. You can be philanthropic and a pillar of your community. Your challenge is to maintain a balance between your material goals and the fundamental human qualities of understanding, compassion and love. Your business life can cause you to become callous and jaded toward others.

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