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Where you click: Power couple alert! Ambition is the common ground between Gemini and Capricorn , who both dream of an executive suite as a final destination.

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Expert networkers, you both know how to work a room and walk out with the VIP connection in your back pocket. Talkative Gemini buzzes a mile a minute while stoic Capricorn can hold silence for epic lengths of time. At last, Gemini has the wise sounding board to vet their gazillion novel ideas.

Gemini furnishes in mod, Design-Within-Reach-meets-Tokyo-anime style.

Capricorn Tomorrow

Capricorn wants a mahogany desk, Buddha statue and stone slab fountain. While kids are usually a part of the master plan, Gemini wants to home school while touring the country. Capricorn wants to instill a sense of tradition and set up camp near childhood friends and family. A middle ground is difficult to reach, but if you open your minds to compromise, you can be ever-inspiring teachers for each other in the journey of life. Astrological odd couple?

Your signs move at two wildly different operating speeds—which can create weird timing issues or make you a powerful duo if you play to your strengths. Grounded earth signs like stability and tend to want things to stay the same. Another big difference? Communicative air signs are talkers, but may not always follow through.

Leo Man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility

Earth signs are doers who prefer to let their actions speak louder than their words. Some measure of routine and consistency will have to be followed—even if the air sign abhors tradition. The air partner may not get the spontaneity and surprises that keep them interested. Or, the dizzying changes can leave the earth sign feeling destabilized and anxious, unable to plan ahead without feeling sabotaged from left field. So, how can you strike a balance?

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You work together best when the air sign brings exciting ideas to the table and the earth sign builds them into a tangible reality. The air sign partner will also have to make a more dedicated effort to follow through on promises.

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Let the social air sign plan the parties, playlists, decorations, menu and other creative flourishes. And allow for some new faces to be added to the guest list.

Libra Woman and Capricorn Man Love Compatibility | Ask Oracle

That way, the dueling needs for novelty AND consistency will both be satisfied. The earth sign will have to be more flexible and open-minded, willing to try the new ideas the air sign introduces. Earth partners will have to learn to be more spontaneous instead of always insisting on a plan. In return, the air sign must stick to SOME part of the plan, not changing the time, showing up late or inviting random tagalongs at the last minute.

Sagittarius signs typically like one night stands.


There are no commitment or emotions involved. They are athletic and adventurous in the bedroom. Sagittarius signs explore positions, places and look for anything new. They love risque sexual encounters. Capricorn also has a powerful sexual nature. Sexually, Capricorns vacillate between animal lust and passiveness.

Capricorn in Relationship -Zahida Mirza- Urdu/Hindi

Needing time to build trust with a lover, Capricorn's approach toward love is different and unique. They are not shy about expressing their emotions to their lover, but they are not particularly amorous. They are physical lovers and dominate in subtle ways. A relationship between these two zodiac signs will be challenging. However, Capricorn could teach Sagittarius responsibility.

Leo and Capricorn

Sagittarius could teach Capricorn to relax a little and have fun. When Sagittarius is absolutely ready for a long-term relationship, they will settle down. This couple will get married based on their desire to build a life together. Custom Search. Personalized Horoscopes and Astrology Reports! SexualAstrology Cookie Policy. Capricorn and Sagittarius: Both zodiac signs enjoy outdoor activities. Compatibility Rating: Tweet. Disclaimer Privacy Statement Sitemap.